Bulletin Board


The TOWN OF LYONS Zoning Board of Appeals  

will meet on Monday July 20th 2020 at 7:00 P.M.,  in the first floor Court Room of the Lyons Municipal Building, 43 Phelps Street, Lyons N.Y. 14489.

You are welcome to be present and express your views at these meetings.

The purpose of this meetings is to receive:

The application of Sherrie Smith Hutchinson for a special permit to operate a kennels at 5 Montezuma Street, a permit required by Local Law 2017-3 Table 7.500, Schedule of uses.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please call Richard Bogan in the Town Code Enforcement Office at 315-946-6252 ext. 104.

 Effective Monday June 1st, the Town Hall will remain open to the public from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

 Upon entering, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Garage/Yard Sales are NOW allowed under the latest guidelines from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.  No more than 10 people allowed at the sale at a time and social distancing must be taken into account.  The Town of Lyons requires anyone holding a garage/yard sale to obtain a no-cost permit to hold the sale.


Click on the above link to review upcoming code changes for the Town.  If you have any questions, contact Code Enforcement Officer Richard Bogan at 946-6252 ext. 24.

The Lyons Community Food Pantry is delivering emergency food packages to Lyons residents weekdays, using a no-contact delivery method. If you could use food assistance, please call the pantry at (315) 871-7242.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Assessor of the Town of Lyons, Wayne County, New York, in compliance with Section 516 of the New York State Real Property Law will have on file as of July 1, 2020 the completed assessment roll for the current year.

The certified completed assessment roll is on file at the Lyons Town Hall, 43 Phelps Street, Lyons, New York, and may be seen by any interested persons during the normal working hours of said office.


 Pursuant to Section 730, NYS Real Property Tax Law, petitions for the review of certain qualifying assessments through Small Claims Procedures may be obtained from the Office of County Clerk.  Such petitions shall be filed within thirty (30) days after completion and filing of the Final Assessment Roll containing such assessment.  Detailed filing instructions are contained in the petition form, to include eligibility and pre-requisite requirements.

Dated June 27, 2020

Kayla Sturgill

Town of Lyons Assessor