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Documents for Download Page

Here you will find all the latest PDF documents available for download. Including agenda items, the assessment roll, forms, local laws and applications.


Town Budget

2018 Town Budget

Supervisors Report

The Latest Supervisor’s Report


2018 Assessment Final Roll

Code  Enforcement

Town Building permit application- short form

Town Building Permit application- long form

Town Zoning Laws

Town Center Zoning Laws

Town Center Zoning Appendices

website Solar Permit

Landlord License Application


Small Claims Form

Town Clerk

Marriage/Birth/Death Record Application

Dog License Application

Bulletin Board


Due to a scheduling conflict, the next regular monthly meeting of the Town Board will be held on TUESDAY MAY 29, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

A web address is available for anyone interested in knowing when Spectrum Cable might be expanding into your neighborhood.  That address is:



Pursuant to Section 506, NYS Real Property Tax Law, the Assessor, Town of Lyons, County of Wayne, N.Y. has completed the current year Tentative Assessment roll, and has filed a copy thereof with the Office of Town Clerk/Assessor.  Said copy is available for public inspection at the Lyons Town Hall, located at 43 Phelps St. during regularly scheduled work day hours through and including the 4th Tuesday in May this year. The Assessor has available upon request, current publications containing assessment challenge procedures.



Pursuant to Section 526, NYS Real Property Tax Law, the Assessor or his/her designee, Town of Sodus County of Wayne, N.Y. will be in attendance with the current year Tentative Assessment Roll at the Sodus Town Hall located at 14-16 Mill Street during the days, dates, and hours listed below.

Tuesday                    May 08, 2018             4pm to 8pm

Thursday                  May 10, 2018             10am to noon and 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday              May 16, 2018             9am to 1pm

Saturday                   May 19, 2018             9am to 1pm



Pursuant to Section 525, NYS Real Property Tax Law, the Board of Assessment Review, Town of Lyons, County of Wayne, N.Y. will be in attendance at the Lyons Town Hall located at 43 Phelps Street to hear and examine all written complaints in relation to those assessments appearing on the current year Tentative Assessment Roll.  Such complaints will be heard by appointment only during the day, date, and hours listed bDay      Tuesday                                                                           Date          May 22, 2018                                                                         Time       4pm to 8pm



The Town of Lyons is accepting applications for the following positions:

Working Foreman for the Town’s Buildings and Grounds Department (Full Time)

Clerk to the Supervisor/Cemetery Foreman (Part Time)

Applications, along with a job description are available at the Lyons Town Hall, 43 Phelps Street, Lyons, NY  14489.

Applications will be accepted until Wednesday May 23, 2018 at 4 p.m.

The Town of Lyons is an Equal Opportunity Employer.