Lyons 2040: What’s Possible

In a rapidly changing environment, it is more important now than ever to be proactive, rather than reactive, to changing conditions. Over the past 10 years, the Town of Lyons has experienced significant change, most notably through the dissolution of the Village of Lyons in 2015.  Lyons leaders recognize that with the shifting landscape comes the need for  adaptability, and in order to preserve the existing character and future of the community, it was important to step back and create a vision to move them into the future. The vision came in the form of an updated Comprehensive Plan, and below are the primary reasons why planning is important to this community who is seeking to undertake new regulations, allow for new uses, and improve the overall economic landscape of the community.

Long-Range Planning in Lyons:

  • Allows for “Big Picture” thinking
  • Coordinates local decision-making
  • Provides guidance to developers, landowners, and community leaders
  • Incorporates all members of the community
  • Builds an informed constituency
  • Sets the stage for regulatory updates